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General Electrical Work – Domestic & Commercial
At G&K Power, our experienced staff can design, install and maintain all your power and lighting systems in any domestic or commercial situation. Some of the services we can provide are installation of lights and power points indoors and outdoors, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, 3 in 1 bathroom lights, telephone and data points, smoke detectors, upgrading switch boards with safety switches, surge protection, repairing hot water systems, disconnection and reconnection of ovens and stoves.

Electrical Design & Installation for New homes/Extensions/Renovations

Together we can discuss your plans for a new building, extension or renovation and identify your requirements and make an electrical plan. It is important to always leave plenty of time to get these plans organised before you want to proceed with the job. Often it takes time to choose fittings and fixtures, decide what you need from your electrical system and to order what is needed to carry out the work. There are different stages of the construction when electrical work will need to be done, early organisation will avoid any unnecessary delays.

Energy Management
With the use of our Clipsal Cent-a-meter we can measure your energy consumption and advise you of ways to reduce your usage. If you’ve ever wondered how you can save on your electricity bills then the Clipsal Cent-a-meter can help provide you some of the answers. This will not only save you money but will benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Exit & Emergency Lighting
We can install and test Exit and Emergency lighting for shops, offices and factories in accordance with Australian Standards. Don’t leave your employees or customers in the dark after a power failure, install emergency lighting and provide a safe exit or light when it’s needed.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke alarms are a mandatory requirement for all existing homes, apartments and other shared accommodation where people sleep. At G&K Power we can advise you on the requirements for mandatory smoke alarms according to Australian Standards to keep your home safe. There are different varieties of detectors available to suit your situation including smoke and thermal heat detectors. Whilst battery operated detectors can do the necessary job they do not comply with the required regulations for new buildings. We would always recommend installing 240 volt smoke detectors to provide the utmost safety. An unnoticed flat battery may prevent you from being alerted to a fire. Smoke alarms save lives, don’t delay speak to us now.

Safety Switches
It is mandatory for all new houses and extensions to have the lighting and power circuits protected by a Residual Current Device (Safety Switch). It is advisable that all existing houses have their lights and power protected by a Safety Switch. Should a fault occur, a Safety Switch, when installed correctly, will interrupt the power supply preventing electrocution or damage to electrical appliances.

Surge Protection
Electrical surges can be created by a number of sources. For example a lightning storm carrying millions of volts can create a surge that undiverted could damaged your valuable electrical equipment such as televisions and computers. A Surge Diverter creates a safe path for a surge of electricity to be dispersed into the ground and away from your home and appliances. In a technological world Surge Protection can provide peace of mind where sensitive equipment is found.

Testing & Tagging

In-service safety inspection, testing and tagging of electrical equipment is the obligation of all employers and is required by Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to ensure that electrical equipment is safe for use by employees and the public. Speak to us about the relevant standards to ensure that your electrical appliances are inspected, tested and tagged at the correct intervals for your individual situation. G & K Power can also carry out Microwave leakage testing which can provide protection to you and your staff should any radiation leakage be present.

Inspections – Visual/Electrical
G & K Power can visually inspect your power points, light switches, light fittings and switchboards without physically removing any of the installations to ensure as far as visually possible that your electrical installations are in good working order. We can test to see that smoke alarms and safety switches are in good working order. These inspections can identify any necessary repairs to make your home or work place safe.

Thermal Imaging
Using a Thermal Imaging Infra Red Camera we are able to carry out inspections on switchboards and other electrical installations including wiring to identify potential problems before they occur by identifying temperature variations in excess of normal or acceptable safe limits. Ask us for further detailed information.